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" We ensure that our partners generate maximum benefits from a partnership with Kalimatec DMCC. "

Kalimatec DMCC is a telecom carriers’ carrier registered in Dubai, UAE. Our company serves the VoIP and SMS businesses with +40 years of combined experience in the international telecommunications market from our management team in KALIMATEC DMCC.


We pride ourselves in providing unsurpassable service to customers and suppliers worldwide, we guarantee the best quality and competitive rates for our clients. Our goal is to build long-term business relationships.


Romain Boulet

Pascal Hernandez

Mohamed Abdelbaky

Ouassim Belhadji

Meriam Hadj

General Manager


Network and VoIP Engineer

Business development

Finance Manager

I am an accomplished, results-driven and motivated professional with sixteen years of experience in International Wholesale Telecom Business. Expertise in Carriers Account Management, Project & Team Management and developing business domestically as well as internationally with a successful B2B sales experience in European, North African and Middle Eastern markets. Proven ability to effectively meet customer requirements, plan strategically, negotiate efficiently, meet quotas and achieve sales targets.

Born in Paris from a German mother and a Spanish father who became a French citizen, raised in London, NYC, Tokyo, Brussels & Paris,  after a couple of years  in international banking in Chile, I started working in International  Carrier Relations there in 1995 as the Chilean telecoms market was the first in the world to be deregulated . Since then I held Senior Sales, Regional Director and General Management positions with Unisource Carrier Services, iBasis, B3G Telecom, Synapse Telecom & TCNS. I’m a proactive, focused profesional, driven by tangible results.

Experienced VoIP Network Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Mohamed is responsible of the technical party at KALIMATEC DMCC to guarantee the best quality provided to the clients, his skills help in achieving the highest performance and creativity.  He holds a bachelor degree focused in Computer Engineering from Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport in Egypt.

An experienced senior computer technician with one year of experience in the VoIP industry. Currently at Kalimatec, he is a member of the Business Development team, with a primary focus on establishing robust relationships with our supplier and client partners. His ultimate goal is to drive the success of both our company and our valued partners.

I am available to answer all your finance-related questions.


VOICE Termination

We offer an advanced and powerful tier 1 network, carrying millions of minutes of voice traffic on an average business day to every continent around the world. Our deals with our partners allow us to offer competitive rates for many destinations. KALIMATEC DMCC provides routes from in-country partners and telecom operators directly to its clients to maintain the best quality and highest services for its partners.


Kalimatec DMCC operates with a fully redundant hardware Sonus SBC 5200. This high-availability solution provides SIP, with strong transcoding performances between all common codecs. Our network infrastructure was designed thinking ahead of new technologies, and monitoring systems providing supreme level of service focusing on voice clarity, redundancy, and interoperability.


KALIMATEC DMCC protects the GSM gateways of its partners from burning SIMs. We are proud to cooperate with our partner SIMBERRY in filtering call traffic by using the best features of SIMBERRY solutions. We are always looking for in-country partners who can terminate traffic for us in Africa and elsewhere using GSM gateways or through other solutions.


With its experience and its expertise, Kalimatec DMCC can cater to the needs of international global carriers, to small niche retail carriers, to calling card carriers, to callshop aggregators, to wholesale players, etc. Taylor-made routings are also possible and we offer 24/7 NOC coverage as our team is spread-out over several continents.


With Kalimatec DMCC’s extensive experience with partners around the world, we know what the challenges of small local in-country vendors are, what they face on a daily basis : thus, we can cater to their needs as we understand what they face – from power grid failures, complexity of GSM & Voip gateways management, Sim server solutions implementations, cash-flow management, Sim cards provisioning, etc. We speak the same language, their language. Speaking of which, our team covers English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic.


Also, we can provide a web access to our in-country partners so that they can follow their traffic volumes remotely, thus saving them to invest in a softswitch and enabling them to issue their invoices accurately and in a timely manner.

Interconnect directly your GSM Gateway to Kalimatec SBC and get immediate web access to your stats and billing . You will save time and money

KALIMATEC DMCC protects the GSM gateways of its partners from burning SIMs. We are proud to cooperate with our partner SIMBERRY in filtering call traffic by using the best features of SIMBERRY solutions. We are always looking for in-country partners who can terminate traffic for us in Africa and elsewhere using GSM gateways or through other solutions.

SMS Termination

KALIMATEC DMCC can help its partners to reach billions of users around the world: we focus on Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. KALIMATEC DMCC provides routes from the local operator directly to its clients to guarantee the best quality and features for its partners. We pride ourselves on the fact that KALIMATEC can provides SMS routes with different features required by the partners.

Kalimatec DMCC financials

Kalimatec DMCC started in 2014 and now has official audited financial reports and is a totally debt-free, EBIT positive company with profits since its first year of operation. Regarding payment terms for its partner vendors from around the world, flexibility is the key word : this means that Kalimatec DMCC can accept any post payment terms, including such ones with several payments per week if offers present a true competitive advantage. Also, we pay in most of the cases the same day upon receiving the invoices and in the worst case, the following day. This is one of the key differenciating factors and one of the keys of our success. We always pay and we always do so immediately.


Kalimatec DMCC’s top management is constantly attending international tradeshows like ITW, Capacity Dubai & Europe, WWC, LAWC, etc. which each offer great opportunities to meet and discuss unique business opportunities.



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